Read  some comments we received regarding The Joseph Project:

Here is a note on Linked In from a Joseph Project participant:  “God is good…I have accepted a job offer at … and began training this week.  I owe a debt of gratitude to the Joseph Project.  Weekly meetings in Bentonville/Rogers have given me hope, encouragement, and so much practical advice.  Networking with other Christians and knowing you are not alone definitely makes a difference!!  I can’t thank you all enough for your support and prayers!”

“You have been a glowing light and inspiration in my life.  Without WorkMatters/The Joseph Project and my good friends and family, I would have stayed at home and never left.  Thank you for the encouragement and taking the time out of your life to motivate and help ALL OF US through this difficult time.”


“There is so much misery in the job market today.  So much of who we are is rolled up in our career.  When that career ends involuntarily, the results can be devastating both economically, emotionally and spiritually. What a great thing your ministry is doing to help the unemployed.  I can think of no one more worthy to receive needed attention than a man or a woman who has worked hard and faithfully all of their life and is struggling with the loss of their job.  Your Joseph Project provides hope along with help. What a great combination!”


Read an email we received from an employer regarding The Joseph Project:

“I can’t continue to describe how good it is to know that organizations such as yours are in the trenches providing this level of help.  I just signed off on a number of lay-offs.  Some of the people that are being cut have grown up in our organization and I count them as good friends.  I prayed, I cried, and then I signed off on the plan.  There is no choice. May God’s mercy be on all of us as we continue this struggle.”

Read and email we received from an attendee of The Joseph Project‘s first monthly gathering:

“Thank you and the rest of the team very much for the opportunity at  last night’s Monthly NWA Joseph Project Gathering. I had a very rough day yesterday and it was really what I needed to get me going again. Last night, just seeing how many people are out of work right now was quite scary, but it was also quite comforting. Thanks again. I plan on attending the Tuesday morning meetings in Rogers.”



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